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god no.

god no.

posted 1 day ago on Sunday
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Anonymous: 5sos are ugly and untalented. Sam pepper is funny. He's a bad role model but at least he's hot 


If you favour an man that assaults women over four loving boys, then that’s fine but I shall prove why YO ASS IS WRONG:

- 5 seconds of summer ARE talented. They play their own music and write their own songs
- they had no help from talent shows, they made it on their own
- they do it purely for the music and not the money
- the boys didn’t like the fact that fans had to wait outside, so they ordered pizza and donuts for everyone.
- Ashton Drew a ‘self harm’ picture on a girls arm who had recently self harmed
- even though Luke is a cool teenager, he still brought his mum on tour
-they miss their family yet still make extra tour dates
- they took 5 days out of their days off to play FREE shows to people who either couldn’t afford it, or couldn’t attend the other ones
- they’re flying fans FREE across the world to meet them and paying all costs of hospitality

- assaulted women on camera and passed it on as a joke
- ‘felt a fan up’ when taking her on a date
-never apologised for what he did, but tried to make it seem better
-got his video taken down
-got banned from vidcon
-his channel promotes abuse, and disrespect to both genders
-emailed a girl for exposing how rude she was about him when he disrespected her
-he is an overall dick

It’s your choice to like whoever you want, but don’t you dare say things about 5sos when Sam pepper is an excuse for a man. I feel sorry for half of the world that have to share a gender with him, because he gives the male population a bad name, to a lot of sincere men. Good day.

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